In the Abide with Alexander McCall Smith


In the Chaumer Abide, Alexander McCall Smith smiles across at us with a glass of whisky comfortably sat in the palm of his hand. He suits this eloquent and timeless space that you could say matches the tone of his writing.

The whisky is the colour of the golden velvet curtains that stand out against the bottle-green bedroom, yet somehow, together these colours create a modest palette when combined with the wooden antiques and marble tabletops.
And to top it off, we have Sandy, one of Scotland’s esteemed writers in our company.

The crew from Whiskeria Magazine are the reason he’s smiling. He’s here to do a photoshoot, and an interview about his love of whisky, naturally, and he’s enjoying the setting of this Scottish-estate style boudoir, and a dram.

For the full article, please follow the link:

For the use of the Chaumer Abide as a film or photography location, please email Vixy and Tabitha at and we’d be delighted to help you make the most of this unique space.

Many thanks to Whiskeria Magazine and their wonderful crew who chose the Abide to feature not only in Sandy’s interview photos, but as their inspiration for Autumn in 2018. It’s an honour.