An Ode to August in Edinburgh


What August brings in Edinburgh is a change of landscape in many obscure ways; ferris wheels and pop up stalls, cocktail bars under fairylights with people visiting from all over the globe to take over the winding streets and attend some of the best performances that the creative industry has to offer.

For many of Edinburgh's locals, the festival beckons a much faster paced environment and a denser one at that. You can spot a local commuting home from work after a long long day attending the festival madness; hurridley meandering their way through slower crowds to get to their bus, or of course, their next fringe show.

People from all over the world attend the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival and it really does wonders for the city; especially within the retail and hospitality environment. Businesses exceed their expectations in sales and footfall, and it gives us reason to pull out the stops to cater to festival visitors.


As The Chaumer's first Fringe Festival, we are happy to say we have learnt of the chaos that ensues, though it can only be the good sort. We have had exceptionally busy days, and then days where we have learnt how we can better prepare ourselves. We are proud of our entire team for taking on the festival for the first time, and keeping The Chaumer true to itself as a relaxed, slow paced environment where you can sit and enjoy a book.

A huge Well Done to all the busy people working through the festival!

It is truly a unique experience, working and attending! See you next year, and thank you to all those who visited us during August. 

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Vixy Rae