Bread and Butter


Rainbow Crunch, Reubenesque, Puddledub Ploughman’s, Peanut Butter & Banana Brioche, Gardener’s Choice, Blue Cheese & Pickled Grape, Smoked Trout…

Our summer sandwiches are here!

With our new sandwich menu complete, showcasing a range of artisan, seasonal and local ingredients, we have had to ensure that the bread can suit it’s 5-star fillings nicely, butter included.

We have knit-picked our way through an entire community of Edinburgh-based bakers to find a baker that suited the needs of the menu, and the character of our ingredients. It has been one of the most tested, tried and important decisions we have made. An indulgent one too.

Most households can agree that bread and butter are two staples of the “British diet” – we can try and claim this phrase, though we could argue that we are a gathering of diverse communities who’s tastes and cuisines have added a unique character to our food at home and in the hospitality industry throughout British history. We have a lot to be thankful for, as diversity has played an empirical role in educating the palette, our world view and how tasty our food is.

Of course, bread and butter are a staple here and throughout the world. A long search through Edinburgh bakers let to us finding a mastered sourdough (an ancient leavened bread originating in Egypt), a French brioche bun and traditional baguette and a Saxony Rye.

We found a consistently great quality of product and service from the Award-Winning Company Bakery in Edinburgh who focus on mastering their sourdough recipe using Mungoswells flour and grapes from their relatives greenhouse in Pilrig - local, and sustainable ingredients prepared in an environmentally conscious bakery using no preservatives or additives. Congratulations to the entire team for becoming the Scottish Bread Champions of 2019! We are proud to support you and enjoy your produce each day with our customers.

We shall celebrate working with this bakery with every bite of a sizzling bacon brioche bun, or Rachel’s hard goat cheese, grilled veg and avocado toastie, a mildly bubbly sourdough and densely seeded rye. All paired with other award-winning ingredients such as East Coast Cured charcuterie and the Edinburgh Butter Company cultured butter, churned locally.

We hope you visit The Chaumer Tea House for a bready-good experience shortly!

See our Sandwich Menu here.

Vixy Rae